Taipei Taiwan

If you are an avid traveler and discover yourself in the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan, we want to share a couple of hidden gems that will allow you to experience the beauty of this city, like a local. Taipei is primarily known for its beautiful architecture, small bite sized snacks and foods, and of course, high rise city buildings that resemble the New York Skyline. However, this city has much more to offer than city views, high rise bars, and the hustle and bustle of Taiwan. We want to share what we think are some of the most beautiful sights, experiences, and areas to visit in Taipei. Let’s begin!

The Santorini of Taiwan – For The View

Santorini is known as one of the most beautiful areas in the world to visit. However, how would you like to enjoy a version of Santorini, with all of the flare and culture of Taiwan. We want to share the Santorini of Taiwan, also known as Jiu Fen Old Street. The views are not only spectacular, but you can grab delicious bites to eat while overlooking the sunset ocean below. Let hues of yellow, orange, and red immerse you alongside culture filled mountain streets filled with plenty of delicious bites. Try a delicious egg pudding the moment you step foot into Taipei city, refresh yourself with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the Taipei way, or enjoy the sun with a Dorayaki Ice Cream.

Golden Waterfall Beauty – For The Natural Wonder

If you are more of a nature lover and want to escape the city life of Taipei, then you need to step foot in a one of a kind waterfall, known as the Golden Waterfall. This beautiful treasure is in an area of Taiwan that is primarily known for copper and gold mines. Although the mine is non-operational, an individual can still visit the waterfalls and gaze upon their beauty. Now, this golden waterfall is set against Mt Keelung and overlooks the gorgeous Yin Yang Sea, where all water from the waterfall eventually flows. With this in mind, an individual can enjoy a scenic walk through nature trails, hikes, and enjoy mountainous landscapes.

The Yin Yang Sea – For The Ocean Lover

If you have ever wanted to visit the Yin Yang Sea, then you are in for a treat in Taipei. This beautiful sea is known for its delightful hues of blues and yellows. This major contrast results from the mining of gold and copper from the mountain regions above, where water flows down into the ocean. In fact, it is a natural occurrence of a geological feature that is stationed nearby that contains trace amounts of iron pyrite. With this, an individual can enjoy one of the many small restaurants nearby or be amazed at a gorgeous sunset view from miles above while hiking the greenery of the mountain region nearby. In any case, the Yin Yang Sea is to not be missed when visiting the gorgeous city of Taipei.


Well, now that we have talked about Mt Keelung, it is about time we introduce this beautiful mountain on our list today. In Mt. Keelung it has been mentioned that an individual will receive the illusion of a bird cage, King Kong, and a pregnant lady. The views from Mt. Keelung are beautiful. Not only do they exhibit the Yin Yang Sea below exquisitely, an individual can get a birds eye view of the mountain towns and small villages below. At 588m above sea level, this extinct volcano boasts a panoramic view. However, the beauty is truly awe-inspiring from the very top. Of course, the hike is about forty-five minutes, but it is completely unprecedented. With that in mind, bring water bottles, snacks, and towels because the humidity makes Florida a walk in the park.

Long Shan Temple – For The History Lover

If you visit Taipei and you want a truly cultural experience alongside a time-travel pass into the past, an individual needs to visit the Long Shan Temple. Although the temple has survived the modern era movement and has been stepped into the modern 21st century, individual can still get a clear understanding of what life was like bac in the day. In fact, an individual will be able to receive a clear glimpse of the daily life of Taiwanese locals and their religious customs. This temple was built in the 5th year of Qing Dynasty and has retained much of its beauty, culture, art, and aesthetic appeal. With walkways, temple, cultural classes, and even culture-rich meals, an individual can both practice mindfulness and study the history of the Taiwanese people in this beautiful temple.

Starbucks – For The Coffee Lover

So, what is so special about a Taipei Starbucks? This Starbucks is not just any Starbucks. This Starbucks is manned by around the clock security, you need a special pass to get in, and it is also in one of the tallest buildings in all over the world. In fact, this Starbucks is known as the highest Starbucks ever created. Now, to get there is somewhat of a challenge because it is not marketed nor on any map. This Starbucks is to the left of the Taipei 101 Mall. An individual here will see two huge glass doors with security guards. From here, you can turn left at the entrance and head to an ATM-like machine where an individual can purchase a secured Starbucks pass at Level 35. Phew, that is quiet a trip to try and visit a Starbucks! However, the view is beautiful, and you can overlook all of Taipei and more.

The Niagara Falls of Taiwan – For The Adrenaline Junkie


How can viewing a beautiful waterfall release adrenaline? Well, you have to pass by quiet a large suspension bridge to get there. The Shi Fen waterfall is known as one of the most magnificent sights of all of Taipei and an individual can visit any time, as long as they are not fearful of heights or suspension bridges. This is, in fact, the largest natural waterfall along the Pingxi Line, and although not quiet as large as Niagara Falls, it is still a beautiful sight to see. Now, what may intrigue an individual even more is that they can get a water, a juice, or a coffee at the Level 2 Café near the waterfall while enjoy the unobstructed views of the falls. To get there, take a train to Shi Fen Train Station and the signs will clearly point you to the waterfall.

Yang Ming Shan National Park – The Volcano Visit

When it comes to the Yang Ming Shan National Park, city dwellers will escape to this natural retreat to not only take in the picturesque beauty, but also soak in sulphuric baths and relax their senses. In fact, this national park is unlike any national park in the world. The park itself has hot springs, mountain views, areas to relax, natural trails, flower exhibits, and a volcano. Yes, we said, a volcano! However, if you are adventurous enough to visit this gorgeous place, then a five-hour trek through mountainous trails will lead you to Volcanic vent, also known as Xiao You Keng.

Visiting Taipei in Taiwan

Visiting this beautiful place is unlike any other city near the sea, this is one of the most historic, culturally rich, and pure authentic cities that an individual can visit. Travel like a local, visit a volcano, taste their cultural rich foods, take a trip to the past, and enjoy a sunset while balancing your yin and yang by the Yin Yang Sea. Visit Taipei today!