Hong Kong

Take a deep breath and get ready for what may be the most thrilling vacation spot in the world. In fact, this particular vacation-paradise for city lovers makes New York the most relaxing place on the Earth. We are talking about Hong Kong, a place where delicious dim sum meets New York City skyscrapers alongside a vast area of photographic scenery that is absolutely stunning. If you appreciate Asian architecture alongside western world amenities, Hong Kong is the place to visit. Therefore, we are eager to bring you the most thrilling, exciting, and sight-worthy places to visit if you happen to be in this bustling city. Let’s begin!

  1. Victoria Peak – For The View

If you are looking for picturesque views that are worthy of your favorite Instagram filter, then this is the place to be. Victoria Peak may be the most iconic neighborhood in all of Hong Kong. With stunning views of the city below, this is known as Hong Kong Island’s tallest point and wealthiest neighborhood. The streets are adorned with posh mansion and beautiful landscaping. However, travelers are here for the view. Far ahead an individual can catch a gorgeous glimpse of the stunning Hong Kong towers peaking through clouds. However, the most beautiful sight is the outlying islands to the south of Hong Kong, which welcome the beautiful Hong Kong sunset with a warm glimmer. This is the place to be to make your friends a bit jealous!

  1. Dragon’s Back – For The Hike

If you happen to enjoy an early hike, then this is the place for you to visit if you come to Hong Kong. Resembling a dragons back, individuals can visit the Collinson Crematorium in Chai Wan and enjoy a beautiful hike through the mountains to reach Dragons Back. Now, what makes this spectacular hike even more beautiful is the views to the right, left, and in front of you when enjoying the short walk. You will be filled with ocean views, reservoir views, and towards the end of the course, as you approach Shek O, individuals will be adorned with golf course views of the Shek O country Club alongside empty beaches. If lucky, you may get a glimpse of rare birds, paragliders, and individuals enjoying the sunny day ahead. This is the place to visit for the hiker of the family.

  1. Ozone – For The Luxurious View

If you happen to want a worthy view while being air conditioned and adorned with warm smiles and delicious drinks, then you have to visit Ozone. Ozone is known as the highest bar in the world, atop the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. This specialty bar has terrace seating, indoor seating, and unobstructed views of the Hong Kong skyline, mountains, beaches and more. Now, you can visit during the weekdays and enjoy a specialty drink. However, the best time to visit is on Sundays, where individuals can enjoy a free-flowing Dom Perignon while taking in the beauty of the skyline below.

  1. 10,000 Buddhas Monastery – For The Serenity

If you are seeking a more relaxing experience that will take your breath away, this is the place to visit while in Hong Kong. Not only will your breath be taken away by the beauty, but also by the hike. It is quiet a trek up hundreds of steps. However, it is gorgeous once you are at the top. Now, the most interesting and beautiful aspect of it is that an individual can take in the glare and welcome of over hundreds of Buddhas while on the walk. All of the Buddhas are adorned in Gold and at the top an individual can relax and enjoy the views, temples, and pavilions. What is even more calming, and relaxing is turtle pond and the gardens at the top, where an individual can sit and listen to the sounds of fountains, streams, and the nature surrounding their seclusion. If you want to escape the city life of Hong Kong, this is the most relaxing place to visit.

  1. Tai O Fishing Village – For The Authenticity

Individuals think that Hong Kong is a simple island city with plenty of hustle and bustle, and it is. However, Hong Kong is actually composed of hundreds of islands and one of these is the Lantau Island, where one of the most authentic villages is located, the Tai O Fishing Village. This unique village was once the start of Hong Kong and boasted a large fishing empire where locals enjoyed the fisherman’s way of life. However, now it is being moved into the western era with the addition of big businesses and skyscrapers. Individuals need to visit the Tai O Fishing Village is you want to understand a simpler way of life. You can walk through charming districts, take snapshots of stilt houses, and walk through a village that has stayed true to it’s lifestyle hundreds of years ago.

  1. The Star Ferry – For A Romantic Evening

For a romantic evening taking in the city skyline and stars above, individuals need to take a ride on the Star Ferry. For as little as .25 cents per seven-minute ride, individuals can enjoy one of the most authentic transport experiences of Hong Kong. The Star Ferry was in fact, a ferry that used to carry passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon in the late 1888. Simple embark from Tsim Sha Tsui Pier in Kowloon and voyage to Wan Chai Pier. In the evening, you can enjoy a romantic sunset while taking in the breathtaking view and the calm water. Lastly, at 8pm Hong Kong has an evening light show that individuals can enjoy from the ferry.

  1. Man Mo Temple – To Make A Wish

As one of the most popular places of worship in Hong Kong, individuals can take in the earthy smells and beautiful sights of the Man Mo Temple. Built in 1847 by wealth Chinese business men, this temple is dedicated to honor the wielding God of Literature and the God of War. This temple now serves as a place to take in the local religious culture and show respects to the Chinese community. However, the true spirit of this space is held by the coil-incense, which give off an awe-inspiring aroma. Visitors can buy a red ribbon, attach a wish to the end of the coil via the ribbon, and once burned, the wish will float through the smoke to the Gods above. Located on Hollywood Road, the Man Mo Temple is one of the most beautiful places to visit when it comes to worship, prayer, serenity in all of Hong Kong.

Visit Hong Kong Today

If you happen to be visiting Hong Kong, these beautiful places and sights are worth every minute. Although Hong Kong makes New York appear like a beach in the Maldives, it can still be a relaxing and inspiring place to visit. Whether you are taking in the sights from the mountains above, shopping in one of their wealthiest malls, or taking a ride on the largest escalator, Hong Kong is on the bucket list, and these seven locations should be ‘must-visit’ to any individual. Indulge in some dim sum, show your respects to the Gods above, and shop like you are home. Enjoy Hong Kong!