One way ticket to Bali

So, I guess I should introduce myself a bit and tell you who I am right? Well I have an About section on my Blog for all that, but since this is my first Blog post I will give you an introduction. So, after working in LA, touring and opening up for with some famous music groups, engineering for some Legends in the music game and Producing Freelance since I was 20 years old, I somehow landed a job with a marketing company who represented Chase Bank and their Airline credit cards. After being promoted to Manager and relocated to Chicago and working a 6-3 (similar to a 9-5 but different hours,) managing 20+ Sales guys, I decided to resign after working for them for 2 years straight. After resigning, I went back to what I know best. Producing music, making beats and engineering records in my apartment. Now being in Chicago at the time, I had decided to move back to LA but I was in a lease I could not break so I had to wait it out a couple of months. Chicago is a beautiful city, but I moved from Sunny Hollywood to the South Loop of Chicago in May. This is a big difference. Especially when the Winter came around, it was a rough winter, I’ll tell you that much. I remember waking up and seeing my car covered in snow, thinking, “hmmm, I guess I’m taking the train to work today.” I had made some cool friends in Chicago and had some flings but I didn’t meet anyone who I was really feeling enough to want to be in a relationship with.

At the time, I had a lot of free time to myself and a lot of ideas popping into my mind. I started making a lot of beats every day and really getting back into making music. Even know I was isolated, I was still being creative. I started to buy online courses about how to sell beats online on Soundclick. I realized I had hundreds of quality beats just sitting around I could make money off of. I was making 2-3 new beats every day. I started to Tag my beats and post them on Soundclick. I setup an online store to sell my Beats as Exclusives or leases through PayPal. At the time Twitter was very popular and Instagram had just started out, Facebook was slowly dying, and YouTube was still Thriving. I read more and dug deeper into this world, finding all kinds of things online I never knew existed. I got really big into Social Media marketing, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization.

I always had a Technical background growing up since I was 11, my mom’s boyfriend taught me how to build computers. I was fascinated by computers. When I graduated high school, and went to college my Major was computer science. I was also working full time as an Assistant IT director for a T1 internet business at 18 and going to school at night. I realized I liked networking and the hands-on experience of Tech support, but not so much Computer programming. So back to the story, I started getting heavy into Twitter and had a program that would go out and follow Singers and musicians all day on Twitter. I would then message them, “Hey, check out some of my beats on Soundclick,” or something along those lines and it worked. I started getting emails about people interested in my music, building up an email list and started getting sales through PayPal. I had never thought I could make money online from my couch like this and my mindset instantly changed. Now, you can sell a lot of things online, Shirts, Hats, Dresses, phone cases, etc., but selling beats is selling just a service. So, this changed the game and changed my thought process. Seeing the money come in and going to my PayPal account was exciting. I started to spend a lot of time on my phone and messaging people all day on Social media about going to my website and buying my beats. I then decided to take a job my friend referred me. I won’t say the name but it was an Online Sports Merchandise store in Chicago. It was just a part time job but I figured I could learn a lot from it. So, I took the job and it was a piece of cake. It was not a challenge at all for me so it became boring quite fast. All I had to do was answer the phone and process orders. I also discovered they didn’t have Twitter blocked on the computers. I knew they could see what I was doing but I didn’t care because I knew I was moving back to LA soon. So, I would go to the job, work and at the same time be on my Twitter account messaging people to check out my beats. I learned a lot from the job about how to run an online business and it only made my Online Beat store stronger. I eventually got fired for spending too much time on other websites at work lol.

Now, like I said before, I was studying Social Media marketing and learning all kinds of new things. So, I decided to give people an extra incentive when they bought a beat. I would give them 2000 Free Twitter Followers. This is when the game changed. This is about 6 or 7 years ago when nobody was doing this. Beat sales doubled once I started adding these incentives and sales, etc. So, in a nut shell, I saw that the Social Media services were something people sought out and were looking for, so I created a business plan, a website and started to only sell social media services on it. I was still selling beats but I was focused on this new venture! It was exciting and really amazing how the business grew so fast.

I made a little baby and was nourishing it every day. I really felt like a proud Dad watching it grow and grow more and more every day. I used the same approach as selling beats with my company. Sell Social Media through Social Media, hey, that’s where my customers were all at anyway. People needed these services and had no idea how to increase their following online. Businesses, Models, Rappers, Singers, etc., we helped anyone who had a Social Media account and wanted it to flourish. So, I moved back to Hollywood and was working every day from home. Making beats, and working on growing my business. Having conference calls with businesses, going to meetings, creating email blasts, etc., but the core of everything was online. Things were not the same as before though. I thought I could come back to Hollywood and feel the same way I felt before, but I didn’t. I was growing and evolving as a man. I remember I woke up one night and heard a homeless man screaming and crying for help at 4AM, I opened my window and all I could think was, why am I paying $2000 a month for rent to live here? This is paradise? This is worth all this money? Now, $2000 per month might be a lot of money to some and might be a little to some, but to me it didn’t seem worth it anymore. The reason I lived there was because the walls were concrete and you could make as much noise as you wanted when I wanted to make beats. But I just realized, I’m not trying to party every night and I’m not trying to be an Actor, making beats was getting old and my passion was dying, so maybe this isn’t the best place for me.

I was selling Services and Beats online, I could be anywhere. I just started to realize, that the world is huge. I always moved around as a kid growing up and relocating. I got the bug to relocate again, but this time somewhere exotic! There are so many beautiful places that I want to see and experience and I wasn’t getting any younger. I’m single, working online now and I should take advantage of my situation. So, I did some research and decided I was going to see the world. So, I put all my stuff in storage and booked a One-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia. Welcome to!